About the MSCA

The purpose of the MSCA is to organize and consolidate the efforts of its members to maintain and improve public higher education in the Commonwealth in general and State University education in particular; to develop and advocate policies for improving the welfare of its members; and to negotiate, to submit for approval, and to enforce collective bargaining agreements for its members.



Basic information on the MSCA:  Fact Sheet

MSCA Conflict of Interest Policy:  MSCA Conflict of Interest Policy.

MSCA Whistleblower Policy:  MSCA Whistleblower Policy

MSCA Publication:
MSCA Perspective

2001-2011; Note: The MSCA Perspective was last published in 2011.

MSCA Constitution

MSCA Constitution

Employee Rights to Union Representation:

If you think that any provision of the MSCA day or DGCE contract has been violated in relationship to your state college employment, please contact your local chapter president or your local chapter grievance officer. Grievances must be filed no later than 10 days after the alleged violation, so don’t delay!

As an employee represented by a union, you are entitled by law to Weingarten Rights, which guarantee you the right to have a union representative with you during any investigatory interview by any representative of management.

Benefits to Membership:

Under the contract you have a choice of joining the Massachusetts State College Association (the union) or paying an agency service fee, which covers the costs of collective bargaining and contract enforcement rights for all members. Benefits of joining the union fall into three general categories: governance rights, legal services, and group discount purchasing power.

Union Governance Rights:

If you elect to join the Massachusetts State College Association, you will have full governance rights in all four union affiliates to which you pay your union dues.

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2017-2018 MSCA Voucher (revised January 26, 2018)

Retirement:  Planning for Your Retirement, MTA

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