About the MSCA

| Purpose |

As the representative body for librarians and faculty across the nine state universities of the Commonwealth, the MSCA (Massachusetts State College Association) works to organize and consolidate the efforts of its members to maintain and improve public higher education in the Massachusetts and in the State University system; it seeks to develop and advocate for policies improving the welfare of its members; and to negotiate and enforce collective bargaining agreements for its members.

| Union Structure |

The MSCA is affiliated with the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) and the National Education Association (NEA). When you pay union dues you are supporting your local chapter, our statewide MSCA, the MTA, and the NEA. The MTA provides significant resources for members. In addition to legal representation for members and chapters, the MTA also hold numerous workshops and conferences that are open to members wanted to learn more about their union and deepen their professional learning. The MTA also engages members on committees, through their annual and regional meetings, and uses member guidance to shape legislative campaigns and priorities. Similarly, the NEA provides opportunities for member engagement and connects our union to important national struggles for public education.

Learn more about our affiliate unions, their current priorities, and ways to get involved:

| Union Dues Structure |

Union dues are set annually by member representatives.

| Union Constitution & Policies |

Basic information on the MSCA:  Fact Sheet

MSCA Constitution:  MSCA Constitution

MSCA Resolutions:  MSCA Resolutions

MSCA Conflict of Interest Policy:  MSCA Conflict of Interest Policy.

MSCA Whistleblower Policy:  MSCA Whistleblower Policy

MSCA Publication:   MSCA Perspective