Fact Sheet

Mailing Address:
Massachusetts State College Association
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Harrington C322A
Buzzards Bay, MA  02532
Phone:  (508) 830-6684
Fax:  (508) 830-6699

Massachusetts Teachers Association

National Education Association

1,800 full-time faculty and librarians
1,400 day part-time faculty
850 DGCE faculty

Local Chapters

The faculty and librarians at the nine Massachusetts State Universities:

Educate 52,000 students annually
Help 10,000 students graduate each year
Work in over 300 degree programs

In the last five years have educated:
5,000 graduates who received a degree in science and technology
4,000 graduates who received a degree in health care fields
11,000 graduates who received a teaching degree

84% of students remain in Massachusetts after graduation with more than 210,000 alumni living in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
Massachusetts Board of Higher Education

One Ashburton Place
Room 1401
Boston, MA  02108