Union Governance Rights

If you elect to join the Massachusetts State College Association, you will have full governance rights in all four union affiliates to which you pay your union dues. This means that:

*you become a member of the National Education Association, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the Massachusetts State College Association, and the local campus MSCA chapter where you teach.

*you are entitled to vote at all union meetings and in all union elections.

*you are entitled to run for office, if otherwise eligible, in all four union affiliates. In addition to the traditional executive officers, most local MSCA chapters have an executive committee that sets local policy and priorities for the union on the campus.

*you are eligible to be appointed by your local MSCA chapter to serve on statewide MSCA committees. In recent years, part-time and DGCE union members have served on the MSCA Board of Directors and the DGCE bargaining committee, among others.

*you are eligible to serve as a full voting representative to annual statewide and national union meetings, where policy is determined, budget and dues levels are set, and some elections of officers take place. The MSCA and MTA hold annual meetings of delegates in the late spring; the NEA holds its annual meeting of delegates in July at cities around the country. If elected as a delegate, your expenses to attend these meetings may be paid for.

For further information, contact your local MSCA chapter, the MSCA president’s office, the MTA or the NEA. Your interest and participation are welcomed!