NEA RA 2015 Information and Nomination Form, 2/10/15

Nominations Open for 2015 NEA Representative Assembly

The 2015 Representative Assembly of the National Education Association will be held June 28 -July 6, 2015 in Orlando, FL.
MSCA members in good standing on January 15, 2015, who pay their dues to NEA through the appropriate MSCA chapter, may seek election as MSCA local delegates to the NEA-RA.
The MSCA will reimburse members attending as an MSCA delegate for travel expenses, meals and lodging.
Only members who pay their dues to NEA through the appropriate MSCA chapter will be entitled to vote in the election for MSCA delegates to the NEA-RA.
Members teaching in day or DGCE who pay dues to NEA through another MTA local (e.g. MCCC, APA, or a K-12 local) may seek election as a local delegate only through that local and will be entitled to vote only in that other local election.
Individuals who join NEA after January 15, 2015 are not eligible to seek election as a delegate to the 2015 NEA-RA.

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