COVID Bonus Amounts Finalized

April 5, 2022

Dear MSCA Librarians and Day Faculty,

We have been working with the state universities for more than three months to determine the amount of the COVID bonus for MSCA day bargaining unit members. The bonus was included in day contract negotiations only (not DGCE negotiations) as the governor directed that bonuses were to be based on full-time employee salaries.

As you should recall, the day bargaining team decided to include part-time faculty in the day bargaining unit as those eligible to receive the bonus. You can review the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that was ratified here.

As the MOA indicates, the funds available for bonuses at each university was determined by the full-time payroll on the date of full execution of the MOA, which was October 4, 2021. That pool was then divided by the number of day librarians and faculty who were “active or on a paid leave of absence by a university during any point between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021” to determine the amount of the bonus at each university.

The COVID bonus amounts are as follow:

Bridgewater State University – $704.62
Fitchburg State University – $922.92
Framingham State University – $759.29
Massachusetts College of Art and Design – $712.14
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts – $959.98
Massachusetts Maritime Academy – $917.51
Salem State University – $816.60
Westfield State University – $694.38
Worcester State University – $677.05

We anticipate that the bonuses will be paid at the same time the retro pay will be paid, but we will report back once that is conformed.