2018-2019 Personnel Calendar and Contract Forms

2018-2019 Personnel Calendar (Appendix M)
NOTE:  The calendar has been corrected.  The Department Chair does NOT conduct classroom observations during the Fall 2018 semester for candidate for tenure and/or promotion, unless there were no classroom observations conducted by the Department Chair during the Spring 2018 semester (see item ii at the top of page 106 of the 2014-2017 collective bargaining agreement).  There was no change to this in the 2017-2020 collective bargaining agreement now in effect.

Appendix A-1:  Professional Activities and Responsibilities – Faculty

Appendix A-2:  Professional Activities and Responsibilities – Librarians

Appendix B:  Comprehensive Resume

Appendix D-1(a):  Classroom Observation Form

Appendix D-1(b):  Distance Education Instruction Observation Form

Appendix D-2(a):  Department Chair’s Evaluation of Full-Time Faculty Member

Appendix D-2(b):  Peer Evaluation Committee’s Evaluation of Full-Time Faculty Member

Appendix D-2(c):  Department Chair’s Evaluation of Part-Time Faculty Member

Appendix D-4:  Peer Evaluation Committee’s Evaluation of Department Chair as Chair

Appendix E-1(a):  Library Director’s or Library Program Area Chair’s Evaluation of Librarian

Appendix E-1(b):  Peer Evaluation Committee’s Evaluation of Librarian

Appendix J:  Payroll Dues Deduction Authorization

Appendix L:  Voice of Teachers for Education Payroll Deduction Authorization

Appendix O-1 (for Fall 2017) – Faculty

Appendix O-2:  Librarians hired January 1 through June 30 of 2017