MSCA Perspective
Massachusetts State College Association Newsletter - April 2001


Economic Provisions for the BHE-MSCA Tentative Agreement, July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2003
Includes eligibility for full-time unit members and salaried part time faculty, artices XIII and XIIIA.

Average Pay Increase for Faculty and Librarians by Academic Rank

Language Provisions from the BHE-MSCA Tentative Agreement

Minimum Salary Formula Over the Course of the Contract

MSCA/MTA/NEA Notice Of Contract Ratification
Includes voting locations.

President's Message...Thoughts on the New Agreement
By Patricia V. Markunas

Pay Raise Spreadsheet


Perspective Editorial Staff

MSCA Officers




MSCA Minutes of the Regular Meeting
March 9, 2001

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