Westfield State University – University-Wide Committees

  1. University-Wide Committees
    1. Academic Honesty
    2. Academic Planning
    3. Academic Standing
    4. Academic Technology & Information Services
    5. Center For Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity (CURCA)
    6. CIHE/NEASC Steering
    7. Emeritus
    8. Faculty Center
    9. Grade Appeal
    10. Grants Advisory
    11. Guest Lecture Series
    12. Honorary Degree
    13. Honors Advisory
    14. IACUC
    15. International Programs
    16. Institutional Review Board
    17. ROTC Faculty Liaison

Academic Honesty

The Academic Honesty Committee (AHC) will be comprised of four (4) faculty members/librarians and one (1) student member. Faculty members/librarians shall be selected or appointed by the MSCA. It is recommended that no more than one faculty member/librarian from a department serve on the AHC. The student member will be selected by SGA.
The AHC is charged with evaluating evidence, determining responsibility, considering mitigating circumstances, and deciding sanctions. All evidence and deliberations before the AHC are confidential.

Academic Honesty MSCA Representatives


Academic Planning


Academic Standing


Academic Technology & Information Services


Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity (CURCA)

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Committee is charged with making recommendations regarding the establishment of the Center and to advise on the following areas: programming models for supporting and improving undergraduate research, processes for the distribution of resources in implementing that support, and necessary facilities and technology. The committee will also have the ongoing responsibility of advising the administration on issues related the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity. The committee will actively seek input from the campus community in formulating recommendations and will communicate with the campus on a regular basis through the posting of recommendations.


Civic Learning & Democratic Engagement

The College-Wide Committee on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement is charged with the following:

  • Support on-going civic engagement initiatives in and out of the classroom in accordance with the mission, vision and strategic plan of the University.
    Make recommendations on allocation of resources for civic engagement efforts, as requested.
  • Collaborate with the civic engagement director in the coordination of civic engagement efforts, including working to achieve goals and initiatives outlined in the Civic Engagement Performance Incentive Grant.
  • Serve as the University team for the AASCU’s Campus and Community Civic Health Initiative. This includes, but is not limited to conducting an inventory of civic engagement on campus and in the community, and developing and evaluating the Campus Civic Health Initiative Action Plan.
  • Foster relationships with community partners.
  • Sponsor an annual civic engagement conference, and an award to recognize a team of faculty, students, staff, and community partners for their civic engagement work
    Collaborate with the Westfield State University Foundation in long-range fundraising efforts.
  • Support a comprehensive, broad reaching, multifaceted communication structure to enhance collaboration with community partners, maximize fundraising efforts, and maximize visibility and awareness of civic engagement activities and their relation to the mission of the University.
  • Collaborate with University and Greater Westfield Communities on the development of policies and procedures related to optimizing interconnections for civic health.
    Conduct periodic assessment and evaluation of campus civic engagement efforts.
    Provide an annual report to the campus community regarding civic engagement efforts.






Faculty Center


Grade Appeal


Grants Advisory


Guest Lecture Series


Honorary Degree


Honors Advisory




International Programs


Institutional Review Board


ROTC Faculty Liaison