Dear MSCA Librarians and Faculty,

As you’ve likely heard, MSCA is working with MTA to urge Governor Baker to include higher education faculty, librarians and staff in Phase 2 Massachusetts’s vaccination rollout. Part of this effort includesa social media campaign.

Here is our ask:
Below are a variety of social media content for you to spread across your social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Please use the hashtag #WeAreTeachersToo when you post the content. You can add a short message to your post on the importance of higher education employees being included in Phase 2. If you post to Facebook, please make sure that the content is shareable (a short guide on this is here).

We’ve also included content that is directed at parents. Please post this content to your Institution’s Facebook pages – Facebook tends to be used more by parents and members of the community.

Having a social media campaign go viral is all about getting the content out as widely as possible. In addition, users on Instagram can follow a hashtag, not just a user, so #WeAreTeachersToo take hold.

Please feel free to download and use these Social Media frames on your various social media channels. These were formatted for Instagram and Twitter but will work on Facebook as well. Here is the main social media frame and here is the social media frame aimed at parents.

WGBH in western Massachusetts has already taken notice of the issue. Please feel free to contact MSCA Webmaster Chris Gullen if you have any questions.