Update on PT Faculty Retro Pay

August 16, 2019

Today marks 957 days without a raise for our part-time members. While the contract has been funded and management paid the full-time members the retro-pay that was due to them on August 9th, our part-time members have not yet received their retro monies. This is true for the 2% across-the-board increases as well as the additional salary increases for part-time faculty that were negotiated in the contract.

It is the responsibility of management to calculate and distribute this pay.

The union expected the retro money to be computed many months ago, but management has failed to do so.  While we are disappointed in this delay, we are now assisting management to collect the necessary data in order to compute the increases negotiated.

Unfortunately, this work is not finished and the universities need to draft part-time contracts for the Fall 2019 semester. Those contracts are unlikely to include the correct minimum per-credit rate, meaning those will require correction this fall. The union hopes that the retro-pay will be computed by the end of the month. We recommend that if you have questions, you should reach out to your administration. We are disappointed that the Council of Presidents did not prioritize this work to get all members the money they deserve.