Task Force for Student Evaluations

The MSCA and the BHE agreed to create a Task Force for Student Evaluations as part of the 2020-2021 one-year day collective bargaining agreement. The task force “will work to identify an instrument or instruments and a process for administering student evaluations, which the negotiation teams will consider for incorporation into the collective bargaining agreement before its final approval and ratification.”

That is, the task force will be making a recommendation to the two bargaining teams when day contract negotiations resume in March 2021.

The task force will investigate or develop an evaluation instrument or instruments for in-person, hybrid and remote/online courses “with particular attention to finding an instrument that considers the potential for racial and gender bias in the evaluation process.”

The four MSCA representatives on the task force are:
Dr. Laura Ramsey, Psychology, Bridgewater State University,
Dr. Amy Wehe, Mathematics, Fitchburg State University,
Dr. Sharon Claffey, Psychology, MCLA, and
Dr. Emily Soltano, Psychology, Worcester State University.

The four management representatives on the task force are:
Dr. Michael Young, Associate Provost, Bridgewater State University,
Katie Duvernay, Academic Affairs, MassArt,
Dr. Gerol Petruzella, Director of Academic Technology, MCLA, and
Dr. Lisa Plantefaber, Associate Dean of Institutional Research, Westfield State University.