Salem State University Proposes Furloughs

July 8, 2020

Salem State University President John Keenan has proposed furloughing faculty and librarians during the upcoming academic year as a result of a budget shortfall.  You can read Salem State University’s request here.

Furloughs cannot be implemented without being bargained with the MSCA.  Bargaining cannot take place unless the MSCA Board of Directors authorizes the bargaining team to enter mid-term negotiations, which are different than the current, ongoing negotiations for successor contracts for both the day and DGCE bargaining units.

The MSCA Board is scheduled to meet on July 10th and will consider President Keenan’s request at that time.  The Board’s decision will be communicated to President Keenan and to the membership after the July 10th meeting.

CJ O’Donnell
MSCA President