Salary Increases for Full-Time Faculty and Librarians Friday, July 26, 2019

The Comptroller’s Office has authorized the universities to increase full-time faculty and librarian salaries and that will be reflected in the pay advice you received next Friday, July 26th. This will be your new biweekly pay and that advice will not include the retroactive pay you are owed going back to July 1, 2017. The retroactive pay due will follow two weeks later, August 9th.

Previously I had posted a spreadsheet that you can use to estimate your new salary. Please note that spreadsheet does not round salaries as each increase (as I believe the universities do), therefore it may not be the same as the gross amount in your advice.

Any questions you have about your new salary should be directed to the university. If you are not able to resolve any the issue(s) with the administration then please contact your chapter president and we will look into the matter.

The new part-time faculty per-credit rate and retro pay due still has not been computed, despite the union’s repeated requests that that be done.

In addition to the increased part-time per-credit rate, the new contract created a one-time pool of money for 2019 “at each state university equivalent to two hundred fifty dollars for each full-time unit member ($250/full-time unit member) as of March 4, 2019.” The contract left to the MSCA how those funds were to be distributed.

At the June 7, 2019 MSCA Board of Directors meeting, the MSCA Board voted to distribute the funds to part-time faculty who taught in the Fall 2018 and/or Spring 2019 semester. The vote was not unanimous.

The union has worked with the universities to determine the amount of the pool of funds at each university. The pools are:

Bridgewater: $90,750
Fitchburg: $52,000
Framingham: $51,250
MassArt: $30,250
MCLA: $22,500
Mass Maritime: $22,000
Salem: $85,750
Westfield: $59,000
Worcester: $52,750

As of today, only three of the nine universities have been in touch with the union regarding the one-time payment amount to be given to each part-time faculty member. Those universities and amounts are:

Bridgewater: $279.73
Mass Maritime: $578.95
Westfield: $241.80

While the release of funds is a call for celebration, please be aware that the bargaining committee will being the process of preparing for successor negotiations three weeks from Monday.

CJ O’Donnell
MSCA President