Reminder: MSCA Workshop Educator Burnout – January 28, 2021

Dear Members,  

The stress associated with the pandemic and teaching in these new modalities has taken a significant toll on faculty and librarians across the US, with a recent study showing that stress has now reached chronic levels among higher education faculty. Given the chronic burnout that we all experienced at the end of last semester, the MSCA is organizing a workshop to support our members and help them develop strategies for managing stress and preventing educator burnout. On Thursday, January 28th from 4:00-5:00 pm, Dr. Sarah Bousquet will discuss the science of educator burnout in a workshop geared at providing faculty and librarians with practical suggestions for ways that educators can recover from burnout.  

The Science of Educator Burnout:
The World Health Organization recently identified workplace burnout as a medical diagnosis that affects professional performance and personal mental and physical health. While Americans in many fields experience workplace burnout, it is well established that educators have an exceptionally high rate of this condition and a significantly higher job turnover rate than other professions. This workshop will validate the experiences of educators by explaining the science behind the physical and emotional symptoms of burnout. It will provide evidence-based prevention strategies as well as practical suggestions for ways that educators can recover from burnout when it occurs. Participants will create personal burnout prevention plans and lists of resources and techniques to employ when they do experience burnout.  

Please use the following link to register in advance for the workshop.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

As we begin another challenging semester, we hope you will take an hour from your busy schedules to join us at this workshop and learn about different strategies for how to manage significant stress and burnout in our profession.  

In solidarity,
Irina Seceleanu & Aruna Krishnamurthy,
Organizing and Unity Leaders

CJ O’Donnell,
MSCA President