Raise Up Massachusetts Campaign

The MTA is working with other groups to collect signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the November 2018 ballot.  If passed, the ballot question would assess an additional income tax of 4% on income in excess of $1,000,000.  This amount would increase by the cost-of-living each year to insure that the additional tax would only apply to those earning more than $1,000,000 in “2019 dollars.”

A person earning $1,000,000 in a calendar year would pay no additional tax.  A person earning $1,000,001 in a calendar year would pay an additional tax of $0.04.

This may not seem like much – and it is not – but based on research the additional tax would raise more than a billion dollars in revenue each year.  The idea is that the additional revenue would be used to increase funding for public education – including public higher education – and infrastructure.

There is public support for this amendment.

The MSCA asks you to consider signing the petition.  You do not have to sign a petition at the campus you work at.  Each campus has petitions available for you to sign, so you could go to a campus closer to where you live rather than the campus you work at if that is more convenient.  Below are current locations and numbers you can call to arrange a time to sign.

MSCA President’s Office, Mass Maritime Academy:  508-830-6684

Bridgewater Chapter Office, 91 Burrill Ave., Bridgewater:  508-531-2271

Fitchburg Chapter Office, Miller Hall, Fitchburg:  978-665-3303

Framingham Chapter Office, 109 Crocker Hall, Framingham:  508-498-2258

MassArt Library, 13th Floor, Tower Building:  617-879-7115

MCLA Chapter Office, location to be determined

Salem Chapter Office, Sullivan Building, 2nd floor, Salem:  978-542-6366

Westfield Chapter Office, Parenzo Hall 010, Westfield:  413-572-5339

Worcester Chapter Office, Sullivan Building, Worcester:  508-929-8595