Public Higher Education Needs Your Help!

Dear Friends,

We need your help!  We find ourselves in unprecedented times when a lack of funding has left the future of public higher education in question. Given the state revenue shortfalls and insufficient support from the federal government that have impacted the state budget, public higher education is potentially facing a reduction in the state appropriations budget by 15 – 25%. This will have a significant impact on our students, staff, librarians and faculty, and could in the long-term lead to an erosion of the quality education that we have been able to provide for our students.  

Public higher education has long served as a refuge in times of economic crisis and as an invaluable opportunity for students of color and low-income students. The impact of cuts to public education funding and austerity measures will only exacerbate an already existing debt crisis for our students and deepen the racial and economic inequalities in our state. While public higher education has not been insulated from the effects of this crisis, we are hoping to stem the tide of the much more extreme cuts, furloughs and layoffs.  

As part of a coordinated statewide campaign we hope to put pressure on the legislature to, at the very least, level-fund our public colleges and universities through the end of the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2021, in order to strengthen the ability of our institutions to survive this crisis. So how can you help?

Please sign the letter to your senator and representative 

Upon entering your address, the letter will automatically populate your state senator and representative. Once you submit the letter, it will be emailed directly to your two legislators. If you live outside of Massachusetts, please enter your college or university address. Please consider sharing this petition with your colleagues, friends, family and students.

It is only with your help that we can ensure quality public education for the students of Massachusetts, AND fight for the jobs of all staff, faculty and librarians in public higher education. Please, join us in this fight.

In solidarity,
Irina Seceleanu
MSCA Organizing and Unity Leader

CJ O’Donnell,
MSCA President