Proposed MSCA Constitutional Amendments

March 25, 2019

The MSCA Board of Directors voted in favor of the two proposed Constitutional amendments below.  These two amendments to the MSCA Constitution will be voted on by the delegates to the 2019 MSCA Delegate Assembly, to be held on April 26, 2019 in the Hammond Lounge at Fitchburg State University.  The MSCA has a separate page dedicated to the Assembly.


(Language to be added is boldfaced, language to be deleted is struck.)

Amendment #1 (Approved by the MSCA Board of Directors on March 15, 2019.)


Section 2. Nomination for Offices. Any member in good standing shall be eligible to be a
candidate for office except for members of the MSCA Elections and Credentials Committees.

[a] At any time after November 1 of any odd numbered year, an eligible member shall be required to obtain nomination papers by a requesting by certified mail to the MSCA Nominations & Elections Supervisor stating the Office to be sought. The Nominations & Elections Supervisor shall enter the name of the eligible member and the Office to be sought on the nomination papers and deliver them to the eligible member within two weeks. No person shall be a candidate for more than one office.

Amendment #2 (Approved by the MSCA Board of Directors on March 15, 2019.)


Section 1. Standing Committees. The Standing Committees shall be the Bargaining Committees, a Grievance Committee, a Legislation Committee, an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Diversity (AA/EO/DIV) Committee, an Elections Committee, a Credentials Committee, and a Librarians Committee, and a Part-Time Faculty Committee. Members of Standing Committees will serve a two year term commencing October of even numbered years and on the date of appointment by the Board of Directors under the provisions of Section 2 of this Article VII; however, no member of the Elections Committee nor of the Credentials Committee shall be a candidate for any Office of the MSCA during his or her term of service in such committee. Each Standing Committee shall consist of one member from and representing each Chapter. Each Standing Committee shall elect its own Chairperson and determine its own quorum.

Section 10. Part-Time Committee. The Part-Time Faculty Committee shall discuss and monitor issues specifically pertaining to the state university part-time faculty. Working within the structure of the MSCA, the Part-Time Faculty Committee shall seek to find resolutions to part-time faculty workplace challenges and advance issues affecting part-time faculty to other members of the MSCA.