MSCA Perspective - July 2001

A Note from the Editor on . . . Now and the Future
Patricia Johnston

This issue of MSCA Perspective features updates on the movement toward funding the new MSCA contract in the state legislature; it reports on a number of bills currently before the legislature that will have significant impact on our working conditions and retirement; and it provides Association news regarding grievances, contract implementation issues, and bargaining for intellectual property rights. Nan Wiegersma's review on the back page kicks off what we hope will be a series of provocative book reviews on issues crucial to our profession.

Collectively, we have accomplished much over the past year. But work still remains to assure passage of bills currently before the legislature and to strengthen the union during this period before the next round of contract bargaining begins.

I'd like to thank the people who have helped me put out five issues of this newspaper over the past six months - Kathleen Ell, secretary to the MSCA President, who graciously follows up on every query; Pat Markunas, MSCA President, for her content suggestions; Nancy Harrington, President of Salem State College, for her understanding of the time it takes to do this work; and the Contributing Editors from each college who have provided news from each campus and made valuable suggestions for future issues. I'd particularly like to acknowledge Roger Morrissette, the Contributing Editor from Framingham State College, as he leaves to begin a new teaching position in California.

Next year promises to be another year of hard work and achievement. I'd like to invite your participation in communicating the mission, initiatives, and accomplishments of the MSCA to the membership. Two of the campuses now need Contributing Editors. And the six issues of the Perspective planned for next year will need book reviews on labor history and current practices, academic culture, pedagogy, and other issues of broad interest to our membership. For the fall semester, we are planning three issues that will focus on intellectual property rights, workloads, and pedagogy. If you would like to join the editorial team, or contribute a book review, article, or personal narrative, please send me an email. Your name might not be up in lights on Broadway for it, but your colleagues will be deeply appreciative when they see your byline in the Perspective.