MSCA Perspective - February 2001

President's Message...
DGCE Contract Settled

Patricia V. Markunas
After several months of intense negotiations, I am pleased to report that the parties have reached a settlement of the DGCE contract, which governs salary and working conditions for approximately 1200 faculty who teach in the continuing education and graduate programs at the state colleges. The financial package will include a 3% increase in the stipends paid at all academic ranks, effective January 1 of each of the three years (2001, 2002 and 2003) of the contract. Other language changes include the definition of a graduate course, times of payment, class size, provision of campus mailboxes for DGCE faculty, the creation of a new academic rank, standardization of the course credit equivalency table, an increase in the number of contract courses that can be offered at the colleges, and the use of the short-form, only, for student evaluations.

At its February 2nd meeting, the MSCA Board of Directors will vote on a recommendation of ratification to the membership. Ratification will occur in late February. All faculty members who have taught in DGCE since Summer Session I, 2000, will be eligible to vote in the ratification.

On behalf of the membership, I would like to thank DGCE Bargaining Committee Chairperson David Twiss (Worcester), Scribe Virginia Bliss (Framingham), MTA Consultant Robert Whalen, and committee members Thomas Luddy (Salem), Stanley Antoniotti (Bridgewater), Stanley Jackson (Westfield), Josh Cohen (Mass Art), Leonard Paolillo (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts), Philip Connors (Mass Maritime), and Joseph McAloon (Fitchburg), for their service on this important committee.

By the time you read this, the salary increases negotiated as part of last summer's extension of the 1995-98 day contract should be implemented. Page Three has worksheets for all day unit members to use in order to verify the accuracy of their salary adjustments, retroactive pay and bonuses. Please review the instructions carefully and be sure to use the appropriate work sheet(s). If you have any concerns or questions, contact your local chapter president or grievance officer.

The implementation of the day unit salary increase and the settlement of the DGCE contract are important achievements by our union for the benefit of the membership in both bargaining units. Negotiations for a three-year successor day unit contract proceed slowly. I remain committed to the achievement of this agreement at the bargaining table. Be sure to stay in touch with your bargaining committee representatives about the developments at the day bargaining table and your feelings about them.