MSCA Perspective - February 2001

Instructions and Worksheets for Implementation of the January 1, 2000, Salary Adjustment

The pay increase, negotiated as part of the one-year contract extension that expired on June 30, 2000, will be implemented with the January 27, 2001, payroll period at most campuses. Members should see the pay increase, retroactivity and bonus payment reflected in the “pay advice” dated February 2, 2001. The worksheets published here use these implementation dates; members may need to adjust their calculations accordingly.

Eligible unit members, both full-time and part-time, who have left the unit since January 1, 2000, will probably receive their retroactive payments in the second February payroll period.

No DGCE unit work is affected by this pay increase for either full-time or part-time faculty.

Eligibility for Full-Time Unit Members and Salaried Mass Art Part-Time Faculty
Only those day unit members who were employed on January 1, 2000, are eligible to receive the 3% increase, the 1% bonus and retroactivity. Use Worksheet One.

Unit members promoted effective September 1, 2000, may receive an additional salary adjustment, with retroactivity, if the salary increase for their promotion was or will be 5% of their newly adjusted base salary. See also the Special Instructions Concerning the Salary Equity Formula, below. Use Worksheets Two and Four.

Unit members who earned a terminal degree after September 1, 1999 but prior to September 1, 2000, which was not credited in their salary at the time of hire, should have received a salary adjustment of $2060.76 effective September 1, 2000. These members should see the Special Instructions Concerning the Salary Equity Formula, below. Use Worksheets Three and Four. Any unit member who received both a promotion adjustment and a terminal degree adjustment effective September 1, 2000, should use Worksheets Two and Four.

Full-time unit members hired after January 1, 2000, should see the Special Instructions Concerning the Salary Equity Formula, below. Use Worksheet Four.

Eligibility for Part-Time Day Unit Faculty Who Receive Per Course Stipends
For part-time day unit faculty who receive contractual stipends for their work, stipends will increase to $3065 for each three-credit day course taught and $4090 for each four-credit day course taught, retroactive to the spring, 2000, semester. Stipends will be prorated for courses that carry fewer or more credits. Use Worksheet Five.

In addition, part-time day unit faculty who were employed in the unit during the spring, 2000, semester will receive a 1% bonus (off-base) based on the day unit compensation they received during that semester only.

These stipend increases affect only those courses taught by part-time faculty when they were or are members of the day bargaining unit.

Special Instructions Concerning the Salary Equity Formula
The salary equity formula (Article XIIIA) will increase all amounts by 3%, effective January 1, 2000. All full-time unit members who were hired into the unit after January 1, 2000, should compare their starting salary to the new formula. If the starting salary falls below the new formula salary, an adjustment to meet the new formula salary must be made, with appropriate retroactive payments.

Unit members who received salary adjustments effective September 1, 2000, for promotions and terminal degrees should compare their newly adjusted salaries to their new formula salary to determine if they are eligible for additional adjustments and/or retroactive payments.