Part-Time/DGCE Health Insurance Bill

The Joint Committee on Public Service heard H2402, a bill filed on behalf of day part-time and DGCE faculty who meet the ACA 30-hour threshold for subsidized health insurance on September 8, 2015.

MSCA Vice President testified on behalf of the MSCA.  He was joined my MSCA members Courtney Beggs (Bridgewater), Amity Law (Bridgewater), Edwin Milham (Bridgewater) and Martha Kuklinski (Salem).

MTA President Barbara Madeloni submitted testimony on behalf of MTA.

Ken Strickland, Interim President at MassArt, and Executive Officer for the nine state university presidents, Vincent Pedone, testified in support of the bill as well.

It is not too late to submit written testimony in support of the bill.  You can email the members of the Joint Committee on Public Service or send your written testimony to the MSCA and we will get it to the committee members.

See the MSCA’s suggested talking points.