Part-time and DGCE Faculty Eligible for Unemployment between Semesters

December 6, 2021

We want to remind you that you may be eligible for unemployment benefits between the Fall and Spring semesters, as you do not have “reasonable assurance” of employment (the standard for eligibility), even if you have a signed contract.

We have put together a helpful Step-by-Step Guide to File for Unemployment Benefits for Adjunct Faculty. If you are a part-time or DGCE faculty member whose contract is expiring or has expired, and you believe you may be eligible for unemployment, we urge you to consult the guide.

There is additional information on out Contingent Faculty webpage.

Unemployment assistance is on a weekly basis, so you should be applying for unemployment as soon as your contract expires. The dates of your employment should be on the contract or appointment letter that you signed with the university.

If your claim is denied, or the university fights your claim, you should contact your chapter president immediately and provide them with a copy of your denial letter from the Department of Unemployment Assistance. If you are a union member, MTA will provide an attorney, free of charge, to assist you with your appeal.

Aruna Krishnamurthy
MSCA Organizing and Unity Leader

CJ O’Donnell
MSCA President