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February 2015
NEA RA 2015 Information and Nomination Form, 2/9/15

November 2014
Call for Nominations to MTA's Candidate Recommendation Committee, 11/17/14

April 2014
ORP Opt-Out Packet - April 2014

February 2014
NEA RA 2014 Information and Nomination Form, 2/10/14

January 2014
15% Unfair Labor Practice-Massachusetts Department of Labor Relations Ruling, 1/16/14
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July 2013
Extension for DOMA - Health Plan Changes - Higher Education Only, 7/25/13

February 2013
NEA-Representative Assembly, Atlanta, Georgia, June 26-July 6, 2013
The deadline for MSCA Secretary to receive the completed nomination form is 5:00 p.m. Friday, March 15th.
Nomination Form

January 2013
Important Information on Commission Recommendations Regarding Retiree Health Care, C.J. O'Donnell, 1/25/13

September 2012
An Appraisal by the Higher Education Leadership Council/Massachusetts Teachers Association of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education: Vision Project, 9/17/12
Comments on the Vision Project, 9/17/12
ORP Update, Donnie McGee, 9/7/12

May 2012
Adjunct Health Insurance Litigation, MTA, 5/2/12
Adjunct Health Insurance Motion, Verrill Dana LLP, 5/2/12

February 2012
NEA-Representative Assembly 2012 Nomination Form, 2/17/12

Certified Candidates for the 2012 Election of MSCA Officers, 2/10/12

November 2011
Memorandum to COP Chair and Salem State President Meservey and Assistant Commissioner Corner-Dolloff from from MSCA President O'Donnell regarding implementation of the "accelerator" provision for FY 2011 contained in the June 30, 2010 Memorandum of Agreement, 11/7/11

March 2011
Proposed Amendments to the MSCA Constitution, 3/22/11

January 2011
Pay Dues Online!, 1/7/11

August 2010
Benefit Strategies - OTC Medications no longer available through a health FSA, HRA or HSA, 8/10/10

July 2010
University Status Signing Ceremony at the State House - Video and Photos from the MTA, 7/29/10

June 2010
Ratification Notice,Instructions and Challenge Procedure, MSCA, 6/28/10 and 7/5/10

April 2010
Higher Education Budget Amendments, Julie Johnson, MTA, 4/25/10

March 2010
Just the Facts: Funding the Public Higher Education Contracts, 3/23/10
WHERE'S THE FUNDING? Key Facts about Public Higher Education Contract Funding from MTA's Higher Education Leadership Council, 3/23/10
Guidelines for Meeting with Legislators, 3/23/10

January 2010
BHE Request to Reopen Day Contract - Document distributed to the MSCA, APA and MCCC unions on January 21, 2010, 1/28/10
Clarifications Regarding the January 21, 2010 BHE "Discussion Points", C.J. O'Donnell, 1/28/10
Effects of the "Discussion Points" Presented in the January 21, 2010 BHE Document, C.J. O'Donnell, 1/28/10
FY11 House 2 Department of Higher Education Budget, 1/28/10
FY11 Budget Summary, 1/28/10
Pension Reform Bill and Summary, 1/28/10

December 2009
Adjunct Health Insurance Complaint, 12/2/09

September 2009
PTR Expenditures/Totals, C.J. O'Donnell, 9/29/09
excel version
pdf version

May 2009
2009-2012 Pay Increase Spreadsheet (estimate) – May 2009, C.J. O'Donnell, 5/6/09

April 2009
Ratification Vote Information, C.J. O'Donnell, 4/28/09
Pre-Ratification Meetings, C.J. O'Donnell, 4/27/09
Tentative Agreement, Appendix 1, Appendices 2-6, MSCA, 4/24/09
Bargaining Survey for the 2009-2012 DGCE Contract, S. Dargan, 4/15/09
Settlement Summary, C.J. O'Donnell, 4/10/09
Appendix 1: Settlement Summary, C.J. O'Donnell, 4/10/09
Appendix 2: Post Tenure Review, C.J. O'Donnell, 4/13/09

January 2009
Bargaining Update, D. Shartin, 1/31/09

November 2008
Negotiation Update, D.Shartin, 11/17/08

October 2008
Letter/Handout to the Board of Higher Education, C.J. O'Donnell, 10/2/08
Vice President Amy Everitt's Address to the Board of Higher Education, 10/2/08

September 2008
Vote No on Question 1 - see:
Contract Negotiations, C.J.O'Donnell, 9/23/08

August 2008
Labor Day 2008 Message to Governor Patrick: Thoughts About Bagaining from the MSCA Bargaining Committee, 8/29/08
Labor Day 2008 Message to Chairman Clark : Thoughts About Bagaining from the MSCA Bargaining Committee, 8/29/08
Unfair Labor Practice Filed Against the Board of Higher Education on August 4, 2008, D.Sirutis and C.J. O'Donnell, 8/26/08

July 2008
Ready for 21st Century Success: The New Promise of Public Education (The Readiness Report), D.Patrick, 7/08

June 2008
Dental Benefits Update, G.Pavlicek, 6/15/08

May 2008
Appointment of the MTA Executive Director-Treasurer, A.Wass and P.Toner, 5/21/08
Legislative/Health Insurance Updates, Arline Isaacson, 5/2/08

April 2008
PTR Portfolio Workshop Materials for 2008, 4/24/08

MSCA Votes: Results of the 2008 MSCA Officers Election, 4/9/08

March 2008
MTA Director Position Open, L.Paolillo, 3/4/08

February 2008
Massachusetts State Colleges 2007 Faculty Salary Study, Report to the Board of Higher Education, February 2008, Sibson Consulting, 2/29/08
Proposed Amendments to the MSCA Constitution, 2/27/08

January 2008
Retroactive Pay Spreadsheets for Promotion and Terminal Degree, C.J. O'Donnell, 1/14/08
Retroactive Pay Spreadsheets for Faculty and Librarians, C.J. O'Donnell, 1/14/08

December 2007
Bargaining Survey, C.J. O'Donnell, 12/4/07

November 2007
University System Powerpoint, COP, 11/16/07
The Affordability Crisis in Massachusetts Public Higher Education, PHENOM, 11/3/07

October 2007
Bridgewater and Salem White Papers on University Status, 10/2/07

September 2007
Non-Economic and Economic Agreements of One-Year Extension, Bargaining Committee, 9/12/07
Notice of Contract Ratification, P.Markunas, 9/10/07

July 2007
Bargaining Update, C.J. O'Donnell, 7/27/07
Bargaining Update, C.J. O'Donnell, 7/16/07
Bargaining Update, C.J. O'Donnell, 7/9/07
Bargaining Update, C.J. O'Donnell, 7/3/07

June 2007
Hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Service Testimony in Support of H2697, June 7, 2007, 6/11/07

May 2007
Update on Negotiations, P.Markunas, 5/17/07
Testimony on H1185, P.Markunas, 5/10/07

April 2007
Post Tenure Review Results, Year Two, MSCA, 4/17/07 (excel file)
Post Tenure Review Results, Year Two, MSCA, 4/17/07 (pdf file)

March 2007
2007 Annual Meetings, P. Markunas, 3/31/07
Study Finds Mass. State College Faculty Substantially Underpaid, K. Lemanski, 3/19/07
COP Salary Study Report, Main Document, Exhibits A and B, 3/16/07
Proposed Amendments to the MSCA Constitution, 3/16/07
2006-2009 DGCE Agreement, 3/15/07

January 2007
Nominations Open for 2007 NEA Representative Assembly, 1/17/07

December 2006
MTA Members Urged to Participate in Patrick's Working Group Meetings, MTA, 12/4/06

October 2006
Revised Post Tenure Review Results, MSCA Chapters, 10/24/06

September 2006
Joint Committee for the Study of Salaries:
Salary Study Report
, 9/12/06

August 2006
Revised Post Tenure Review Results, MSCA Chapters, 8/25/06

March 2006
Post Tenure Review Results, MSCA Chapters, 3/31/06
Testimony Before the Secretary of Education's Commission on the Future of Higher Education, L.Paolillo, 3/20/06
Testimony Before the Secretary of Education's Commission on the Future of Higher Education, C.Boudreau, 3/20/06

February 2006
Higher Ed Funding Bill Passes Senate, A.Isaacson, 2/15/06
Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement Board Seminars, 2/14/06
Retroactive Payment for Part-Time Faculty Members, P. Markunas, 2/2/06

January 2006
Romney's FY07 Budget, A.Isaacson, 1/26/06
Retroactive Pay Spreadsheet Instructions, 1/16/06
Retroactive Pay Spreadsheet, 1/16/06

October 2005
Joint Committee on Higher Education Written Testimony Submitted on Behalf of Patricia V. Markunas President, Massachusetts State College Association Len Paolillo, 10/31/05

September 2005
Hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Service, HB 189 (Retirement Benefits for Part-Time Faculty), SB 1535 (Group Health Insurance Benefits for Part-Time Faculty), Testimony by Patricia V. Markunas, 9/22/05
Hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Service, HB 189 (Retirement Benefits for Part-Time Faculty), SB 1535 (Group Health Insurance Benefits for Part-Time Faculty), Testimony by David A. Goodof, 9/22/05
Hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Service, HB 189 (Retirement Benefits for Part-Time Faculty), SB 1535 (Group Health Insurance Benefits for Part-Time Faculty), Testimony by Margo Rita Capparelli, 9/22/05
Attachment 2,Phased Implementation of Changes in Post-Tenure Review,2004-2007 MSCA-BHE Day Unit Contract, 9/6/05
Explanation of Funding Process and Summary of Major Changes, 2004-2007 MSCA-BHE Day Unit Contract, 9/2/05

Attachment 1, Changes in Article VII: Participation in the Decision-Making Process, 2004-2007 MSCA-BHE Day Unit Contract, 9/2/05

July 2005
Veto Overrides, J.Blum, MTA, 7/20/05
Written confirmation from Judy Gill that the administration will submit our contract to the legislature for funding, J.Gill, 7/18/05 (html version)
Written confirmation from Judy Gill that the administration will submit our contract to the legislature for funding, J.Gill, 7/18/05 (pdf version)
Mass Educators Eligible for Low-Cost Home Loans Under New $100M Program, State House News Service, 7/13/05

June 2005
Tentative Agreement Update, P.Markunas/B.Art,6/27/05
Memorandum of Understanding, June 2005

House and Senate Conference Committee:FY06 Massachusetts State Budget, MTA, 6/23/05
Hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Service, Testimony in Support of HB 530, P.Markunas, 6/9/05
Hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Service, Testimony in Support of HB 530, B.Art, 6/9/05
Hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Service, Testimony in Support of HB 530, L.S.Jensen, 6/9/05

May 2005
Preliminary Senate Budget Information, J.Blum MTA, 5/17/05
State House Lobby Day for Part-Time Faculty Legislation, P. Markunas, 5/9/05
MSCA Salary Report on Full-time Members - Spring 2005, 5/1/05
MSCA Salary Report on Full-time Members - Fall 2004, 5/1/05

April 2005
Why This Resolution?, John Moon, 4/30/05
House Releases Budget for Higher Education, 4/29/05
House Ways & Means State Budget (H4000), A.Isaacson, 4/14/05
T-Shirt Is No Sweat, B.Jacques, 4/14/05
T-Shirt Order Form, 4/14/05

March 2005
Most Recent Draft of the Tentative Settlement of March 1, 2005, P.Markunas, 3/22/05
Gubernatorial vetoes overridden by Legislature, P.Markunas, 3/12/05
Minimum Salary Formula (note: spreadsheet is an excel file), P.Markunas, 3/7/05
Outline of the Proposed 2004-2007 Agreement, P. Markunas, 3/6/05
Pay Increase Spreadsheet and Instructions (note: spreadsheet is an excel file), P.Markunas,3/3/05

February 2005
Veto of Retro Pay Raises, A. Isaacson, 2/25/05

January 2005
Higher Education: Romney's FY'06 State Budget (House One), Arline Isaacson, MTA, 1/27/05
Romney's Budget Proposal for FY2006, MTA, 1/29/05
Bargaining Developments Since November 2004, P.Markunas, 1/19/05
Fact-Finding: Post-Hearing Brief of the Board of Education, BHE/M.Peters, 1/10/05
List of BHE Negotiating Team for Labor Negotiations with the MSCA, P.Tsaffaras, 1/6/05

December 2004
Fact-finding: Fiscal Year 2004 - BRIEF OF THE UNION, D.Sirutis, 12/29/04
Update on Day Negotiations, B.Art and D.Sirutis, 12/28/04
Testimony by Patricia V. Markunas, Massachusetts Senate Task Force on Public Higher Education, 12/13/04
Faculty Workload Data, 12/9/04
Faculty Recruitment and Retention Data, 12/9/04
Letter to the Chairs of the Board of Trustees, P.Markunas, 12/6/04
Report from Boston: Protest at One Financial Place, Boston, MA, 12/3/04; M.Seider, 12/5/04

Photos from Protest at One Financial Place, Boston, MA 12/3/04

November 2004
December 3 and December 7, 2004 Protest Events, 11/24/04
Motions from November 5, 2004 MSCA Board Meeting, 11/18/04
Note: these are from minutes that have not been approved by the MSCA Board.
Directions to Roxbury Community College, 11/15/04

September 2004
Mass. State College Council of Presidents Salary Study, 9/27/04

August 2004
Change in HELC Schedule, 8/10/04
Comments to the Board of Higher Education, B.Art, 8/4/04

June 2004
Conference Committee Report/State Budget, 6/17/04
Remarks by P. Markunas,BHE Meeting, 6/15/04
Remarks to the BHE, CJ O'Donnell, 6/15/04

May 2004
Senate Passes FY05 Budget, J Fitzgerald, MTA, 5/24/04
Amendments to the Senate Ways and Means budget proposal, MTA, 5/18/04
Some Funding Restored—Progress Still in Jeopardy,Summary, MTA, 5/13/04

April 2004
Higher Education Budget, 4/30/04
House Budget, J.Fitzgerald, MTA, 4/30/04
Remarks for the Meeting of the Board of Higher Education, P.Markunas, 4/20/04
FY05 House Ways/Means Higher Education Budget, 4/17/04
House Ways and Means Budget - Higher Ed, 4/15/04
GIC Health Insurance Changes, 4/15/04
MSCA Election Results, 4/7/04

March 2004
DGCE tentative settlement - clarification, P.Markunas, 3/23/04
Motion on March 7, 2004 by the MSCA Board of Directors regarding DGCE tentative agreement, 3/23/04
Vote on March 31, 2004!
Summary of Tentative DGCE Agreement Covering September 1, 2003 through August 31, 2006

February 2004
Romney Proposes Major Changes to Pension Plan, MTA, 2/27/04
Presidents say report on colleges was unfair, Boston Globe, 2/25/04
2004 MSCA Officer Election Candidates Certified, 2/18/04

January 2004
Testimony for the Joint House and Senate Ways & Means Committees Subcommittees on Education Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2005, P.Markunas, 2/2/04
Romney’s Budget Doesn’t Add Up for Our Students and Educators, A.Isaacson, 1/31/04
Higher Education Budget Spreadsheet--New and Improved Version, 1/31/04

December 2003
MSCA Bargaining Update, B.Art, 12/1/03

November 2003
Update #8: Romney signs, but won't keep state's promises, 11/26/03
Hearing...on S1539 (Part-Time Faculty Eligibility for State Group Health Insurance) Testimony by Patricia V. Markunas
President, Massachusetts State College Association
, 11/20/03
MTA Contract Update #7, 11/19/03
Update #6: MTA mass mailing calls for e-mail, phone action, 11/18/03
Update #5: House, Senate name conferees to reconcile funding bills, 11/17/03
Update #4: Contract bill expected on governor's desk next week, 11/14/03
Update #3: Contract funding wins overwhelming approval in Legislature, 11/13/03
MTA Update #2, 11/12/03
AFSCME Report on Contracts Funding,11/12/03
Higher ed contract funding takes giant step forward - MTA Report on Contracts Funding, MTA, 11/12/03
Latest Status Report on Contracts Funding, P.Markunas,11/8/03
Robert Reich Forum - UMass/Amherst - Weds., 11/12 @ 5 p.m., 11/6/03

October 2003
Testimony for the Joint Committee on Public Service on HB 2153 (Funding for Higher Education Contracts),P.Markunas,10/30/03
Spousal Retirement Benefit: New application deadline-November 1, 2003, 10/27/03
Contract Action Campaign Update, 10/16/03
Senate Hears Offset Complaints, 10/8/03

September 2003
NEA National Day to Repeal Social Security Offsets:10/1/03, 9/29/03
Day Bargaining, P.Hogan, 9/24/03
Day Bargaining Update, B. Art, 9/12/03

August 2003
Item on ERIP, P.Markunas, 8/1/03

July 2003
Information on Early Retirement Incentive Program, P.Markunas,7/28/03
Override Update #8, A.Isaacson, 7/18/03
Higher Education Budgets, 7/18/03
ERIP Language, 7/11/03

June 2003
Romney Vetoes, A.Isaacson, 6/30/03
State Budget Conference Committee Higher Ed Budget Spreadsheets, A.Isaacson, 6/19/03
State Budget Conference Committee, A.Isaacson, 6/19/03
Summaries of the details of the House and Senate proposals on early retirement, A.Isaacson, 6/9/03

Testimony before the Joint Committee on State Administration House 3901 and 3902: Executive Branch Reorganization Patricia V. Markunas, President Massachusetts State College Association State House, Boston, 6/2/03

May 2003
Higher Education Spreadsheet, A.Isaacson, 5/21/03
Higher Ed / Senate Ways & Means FY*04 Budget, A.Isaacson, 5/21/03
Preliminary Overview of Senate Ways and Means Budget FY04, 5/21/03
Text of Article 87, 5/19/03
Status of Early Retirement Incentive Program (ERIP),P.Markunas,5/19/03
Article 87/HIgher Ed Reorganization. P.Markunas, 5/18/03
Higher Ed / House Budget Debate Results, A.Isaacson,5/9/03
House Budget, P.Markunas,5/9/03

April 2003
Testimony for the Senate Committee on Education on Proposals for Reorganization of Higher Education,P. Markunas,4/29/03
Budget Amendments and Early Retirement, P.Markunas,4/30/03
Early Retirement, House Amendment 858, 4/30/03
Health Insurance Chart, A.Isaacson, 4/27/03
Overview of House Ways & Means FY'04 Budget (H4000), A.Isaacson,4/27/03
Priority Message - Action Needed on State Budget,P.Markunas,4/27/03
Nominations Reopened for 2003 MTA Annual Meeting, P.Markunas,4/27/03
House Budget Bulletin #3 - Education Slashed in House Budget, E.Sullivan, 4/24/03
Proposed Reorganization Legislation, 4/10/03
Testimony to the BHE, P.Markunas, 4/9/03
Letter to Chancellor Gill, Maynard Seider, 4/8/03

March 2003
Social Security Offsets: HR743, 3/31/03
Testimony for the House Task Force on Higher Education Financing March 25, 2003 Roxbury Community College Patricia V. Markunas, 3/25/03
Testimony for the Massachusetts House Economy & Workforce Development Task Force Federal, State and Local Revenue Task Force Jean Stonehouse, President MSCA Bridgewater Chapter March 25, 2003, 3/25/03
NEA Opportunities for Higher Education Members, 3/20/03
One Spot of Good News, P.Markunas, 3/15/03
Report to the Trustees, CJ O'Donnell, MMA, 3/14/03

Ways and Means Highlights, Jean Stonehouse, 3/12/03
Bridgewater Meeting, Peter Hogan, 3/10/03
Testimony for the Joint House and Senate Ways & Means Committees Subcommittees on Education, P.Markunas, 3/10/03
Ways and Means Committee Meeting Thank You, Jean Stonehouse, 3/10/03
Broadcast of Ways and Means Hearing at BSC, Bill Davis, 3/7/03
House One: Romney's Higher Education Budget, Arline Isaacson, 3/4/03

February 2003
MBPC: It Wasn't Spending..., 2/25/03

January 2003
Budget Cuts Spreadsheet, 1/31/03
Romney's Budget Cutting Package, A.Isaacson, 1/31/03
Make Calls to Stop the Education Cuts, 1/12/03

November 2002
State College Faculty Union Oppose War, 11/18/02
Contract Campaign update, Jerry Spindel, 11/07/02

October 2002
Meeting on Social Security Benefits on 11/20/02 STCC, 10/31/02
Contract Campaign update: Unions to confront Bulger, trustees on 11/6/02, 10/23/02
Urgent, Immediate Action Requested (Governor's Race), 10/21/02
Latest Polls (Governor's Race), 10/16/02
Legislative Update, Arline Isaacson, 10/11/02
Shannon O'Brien for Governor Chris Gabrieli for Lieutenant Governor, 10/1/02

September 2002
Pay Raise Spreadsheet:for 9/29/02 increase,9/23/02
Contract Campaign Update, 9/18/02
Message from P.Lyons, 9/17/02
Latest Polling, 9/12/02
Rallies for Tom Birmingham, 9/5/02

August 2002
Register to Vote!, 8/31/02
Gearing Up For Primary Day, NEA, 8/27/02
Labor Day Breakfast, R.Whalen, 8/27/02
Signers of Letter to Finneran, Arline Isaacson, 8/19/02
Roll Call Vote - 85/15 Override, 8/16/02
Report on Meeting of Campus Leaders and Field Staff, P.Lyons,8/14/02
Tom Birmingham Press Conference, 8/12/02
State Budget Update / Overrides, Arline Isaacson, 8/1/02

June/July 2002
Veto Override Update from Arline Isaacson, 7/31/02
Update from Arline Isaacson, 7/30/02
Sharma: Commonwealth should preserve progress made in public education By Mahesh Sharma, MetroWest Daily News, 7/25/02
Urgent Lobbying Action Needed on 85/15, Arline Isaacson, 7/24/02
Legislative Update, Arline Isaacson, 7/19/02

April/May 2002
Legislative Update / State Budget, Arline Isaacson, 5/31/02
House Actions on State Budget, Stephen E. Gorrie, 5/15/02

March 2002
MSCA Board opposes use of MCAS scores on student transcripts, 03/14/02
2002 Delegate Assembly, 03/11/02

February 2002
Testimony for the House Ways & Means Committee
Subcommittee on Education, Pat Markunas, 02/28/02
We are all Meritorious, by Maynard Seider (MCLA), 02/27/02
Higher Education bills: Recent Developments,Janice Sheridan (MTA), 02/28/02
Testimony by Philip Mahler, President MCC Council to the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Education, 02/28/02

January 2002
Pay Raise Spreadsheet - updated 1/15/02
"Family Friendly" Leaves and Benefits
, 1/17/02

December 2001
Contract Funding Passed by Legislature, 12/06/01
Contracts & State Budget: Legislative Update, Arline Isaacson, 12/04/01

November 2001
Message from Governor Swift to State Employees, 11/30/01
Fair compensation for those who teach the Bay State's teachers must be a priority, by Patricia V. Markunas, Salem Evening News, 11/12/01

October 2001
MTA Takes Action on Higher Education Contracts, 10/25/01
Letter to the Editor, P. Markunas, Boston Globe, 10/17/01
Talking Points of MSCA Contract Funding (10/4/01)
Remarks for the Board of Higher Education Meeting by Patricia V. Markunas, MSCA President October 2, 2001, Massachusetts College of Art

August 2001
Letter to Speaker Finneran from MTA Pres.Gorrie:Request for Assistance with MSCA Contract Funding, 8/2/01
MSCA Contract Funding for FY2001 and FY 2002, 8/29/01

June 2001
Higher Education Items in the Budget Conference Committee, 6/28/01
Testimony by Pres. Pat Markunas for SB1425, 6/26/01
Testimony by Doug Sherman for SB1425, 6/26/01

May 2001
Testimony by Pres.Pat Markunas for H333, 5/24/01
Testimony by Pres.Pat Markunas for H320, 5/15/01
Changes in Retirement Law
Remarks by Pres.Pat Markunas At the Signing of the MSCA/BHE Contract Governor’s Council Room, State House, Boston 5/10/01
Execution of New Contract, 5/10/01
Important News for DGCE Members, 5/8/01
2001-2003 MSCA/BHE Contract Ratified, 5/6/01

April 2001
MSCA Delegate Assembly Supports Brockton Nurses Association
Action needed on House budget, 4/24/01
Memorandum of Agreement, 4/23/01
Errors Found in Perspective, Worksheet 1, 4/24/01
Remarks by MSCA President Markunas at the BHE Meeting, 4/17/01
Testimony before the Joint Committee on Education, Arts and Humanities Support for SB258, Clarke Fowler, 4/10/01
Notice of Contract Ratification, Vote Locations
Bargaining Update - 4/9/01
Pay Raise Spreadsheet - updated 1/15/02

March 2001
BHE-COP AND MSCA TENTATIVE AGREEMENT OF MARCH 26, 2001 (Subject to Ratification by MSCA Day Bargaining Unit)
Markunas,Minasian,and Stonehouse Testimony Before the Joint Committee on Education: Support for S299 - 3/13/01

February 2001
Pres.Markunas' Testimony Before the House Ways and Means Committee - 2/22/01
Bargaining Update - 2/24/01
Bargaining Update Senate Resolution 299

January 2001
FY2002 State Budget – Governor Cellucci’s Proposal (House 1)

December 2000
Letter to Gov.Cellucci from the Mass. Congressional Delegation - 12/6/00
President Markunas Addresses BHE - 12/5/00

November 2000
MSCA Proposal on Post-Tenure Review - 11/27/00
BHE Proposal on Post-Tenure Review - 11/27/00

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