MSCA Testifies for More Public Higher Ed Funding, Reduced Student Fee

May 31, 2017

This afternoon MSCA President CJ O’Donnell and MTA lobbyist Sean King testified in support of intention behind House Bill 1434, that the governor be required to include the “roll out” costs of newly negotiated contracts in his/her budget after the initial funding is approved.  Roll out costs are the costs associated with increases in the second and third years of a three-year contract.

The MSCA and other higher education leader were concerned when we first learned of the bill that the bill.  The concerns were that the bill, as drafted, would “open” Chapter 150E (the public collective bargaining law), meaning that in addition to fighting to get the contracts finding in a supplemental budget in the first year, we would also have to fight to get the contract funded in the second year, and then again in the third year.

MTA researched the higher education leaders’ concerns and determined that our concerns were warranted, the bill would (or at least could) require that the higher education unions fight for funding ever year.

President O’Donnell’s written testimony focused on this concern.  His oral testimony focused on effect of the of a (better crafted) bill, the colleges and universities ability to reduce student fees.

Sean King’s testimony the history of the decline that started in put together by Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center.

Any redrafted language will be posted when it becomes available.

There is a parallel bill, Senate Bill 1025.