MSCA Step-by-Step Guide to File for Unemployment Benefits for Part-time and DGCE Faculty

December 23, 2020

The MSCA has put together a helpful Step-by-Step Guide to File for Unemployment Benefits for Adjunct Faculty. If you are a part-time or DGCE faculty member, or a full-time temporary faculty member or librarian whose contract is expiring or has expired, and you believe you may be eligible for unemployment, the MSCA urges you to consult the guide.

There is additional information on out Contingent Faculty webpage.

The university may fight your claim, but we would encourage you to apply between the Fall and Spring semester, as your employment next semester is not reasonable assured, even if you have a signed contract.

If you are denied unemployment insurance, you should contact your chapter president and provide them with a copy of your denial letter. MTA’s Legal Services Policy prohibits the assignment of an attorney to assist you if you are not a union member, but we may be able to advise you on how best to handle a denial.

If you have other issues, such as a “locked” account, please contact your chapter president and we can try to assist with that as well.

Irina Seceleanu
Aruna Krishnamurthy
MSCA Organizing and Unity Co-Leaders

CJ O’Donnell
MSCA President