MSCA seeks a path forward.

On January 7 the MSCA Board of Directors sent the following letter to Massachusetts Maritime Academy President McDonald.  President McDonald currently serves as the chair of the Council of Presidents of the State Universities (CoP).


Dear President McDonald:

At its meeting on January 4, 2019 the MSCA Board of Directors did not authorize the MSCA bargaining committee to return to bargaining at this time.

As you know, the MSCA received two requests from Commissioner Santiago to meet informally to discuss the contract, before it was submitted to OER.  I offered dates to meet after I received the first request.  I never received a reply.  A meeting never took place.

In the Commissioner’s letter requesting an informal meeting for a second time, the Commissioner characterized the lack of a meeting as my refusal to meet.  That was false and I told him that I would offer dates – a second time – if he corrected that misstatement.  I have not heard from the Commissioner since.

The MSCA was willing to meet to discuss, outside of bargaining, the situation.

The Board feels it is important for us to meet with your representatives within the next two weeks.  Since this is not a bargaining session, the MSCA will be sending members of the Board rather than the bargaining team.  The Board will be making the decision on if we return to bargaining, so it is best for Board members to hear directly from you.

CJ O’Donnell
MSCA President

MSCA Board of Directors:

Maria Hegbloom
Irina Seceleanu
Aruna Krishnamurthy
Rala Diakite
Robert Donohue
Virginia Rutter
James Mason
Keith Washington
Graziana Ramsden
David Eve
Elaine Craghead
Todd Hibbert
Jim Gubbins
Tiffany Chenault
Nancy George
Margot Hennessy
Chris Gullen
Don Bullens
Sam O’Connell
Mark Love