MSCA Response to GIC Vote to Reduce Health Care Options

On Thursday, January 18, the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) voted to reduce the number of carriers that offer health insurance to active and retired GIC members from six to three effective July 1, 2018.

No notification of this vote was provided to state workers. The process was secret and undemocratic.

Governor Charlie Baker, who appoints most of the Commissioners of the GIC, has defended the GIC’s actions (

MSCA, APA and MTA began working to publicize the GIC’s action immediately.

January 18:

  • MSCA and the Council of (state university) Presidents (COP) began formulating plans for joint actions to defend MSCA members’ health-care options.
  • MTA distributed announcements about the GIC’s limiting GIC participant’s options.

January 19:

  • MSCA an MTA Higher Ed representative were present at the GIC “Listening event” in Worcester. APA President Sherry Horeanopoulos provided testimony about the impact of decision on Higher Ed members.
  • MTA drafted talking points and fliers for members to use when contacting GIC, and legislators

January 20:

MSCA President CJ O’Donnell and MSCA Vice President Robert Donohue participated in a conference call with MTA president Barbara Madeloni, MTA Vice President Erik Champy and other MTA-affiliated higher ed leadership to exchange information and formulate plans to pressure the GIC to rescind its vote.

Moving forward:

MSCA members are invited to attend and testify at GIC hearings (

MTA will be formulating a multidimensional strategy to attempt to reverse the GIC’s decision.  We will provide members with information about flooding the GIC with feedback, flooding Governor Baker with feedback and contacting the legislature to request a legislative “fix.”