MSCA DGCE Contract Ratified

November 19, 2021

Dear MSCA DGCE Faculty,

The MSCA DGCE contract ratification vote closed at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. The new contract, covering the period from January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2023, was ratified by an overwhelming margin, 99% in favor (441 votes) and 1% opposed (4 votes).

The results are viewable here.

I would like to thank all who voted, and the MSCA DGCE bargaining team for sticking together for a year and a half, and holding out against the presidents’ ridiculous offer of no salary increases for three years. While the stipend increases (2.5% – 2% – 2%) do not make inroads to get us on par with the day part-time rate, at least we were able to get what other statewide bargaining units have received for across-the-board increases.

On behalf of the MSCA Board of Directors,
CJ O’Donnell
MSCA President