MSCA Demands Fair Pay and Fair Play at the October Board of Higher Education meeting

On October 31 (Day 123 without a contract!) members of the MSCA from three different campuses,members of the Association of Professional Administrators (APA) and MTA Vice President Erik Champy met members of the Board of Higher Education (BHE) as they arrived at Westfield State University. MSCA and APA members handed out fliers and carried signs demanding a fair pay offer and fair play at the bargaining table.

MSCA and APA members then lined the meeting room and listened to the testimony that MSCA President CJ O’Donnell presented to the BHE. and APA President Sherry Horeanopoulos.

CJ testified while wearing a trash costume covered with the topics of language from the MSCA’s proposals at the bargaining table; the costume was designed to draw attention to the BHE’s representatives at the bargaining table referring to MSCA’s bargaining proposal as “trash.”

Costume by Admo Moreira 

CJ ‘s testimony focused on the particular plight of part-time faculty and the need for these members of our unit to be paid better and to be treated better.  CJ requested that the BHE contact the Governor to ask for a better pay offer for members of the MSCA and the APA.