Massachusetts State College Association
Minutes of the Special Meeting
January 16, 2003
Publick House, Sturbridge

Members Present: J. Ambacher , B. Art, G. Concannon, N. George, P. Hogan, P.Markunas, P. McGee, J. McKeon, F. Minasian, C. J. O'Donnell, G. Price, M.Seider, M Seiden, J. Stonehouse, D. Twiss.

Guests Present: P. Lyons, R. Whalen, and D. Sirutis, MTA higher education

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 P. M.

The Board discussed issues of importance relative to reorganization, retrenchment, budgetary matters, and bargaining. At this point, there is little in the way of specific information available as no detailed plans have been made public.

Board members discussed their reactions to the earlier joint meeting with the state college Council of Presidents. Although the consensus was generally that the meeting was positive, union and management representatives alike could only speculate on future developments that could affect our membership and institutions.

No motions were made except to adjourn the meeting at 3:30 P.M.

Respectively submitted,
Gerald Concannon MSCA Secretary