Massachusetts State College Association
Minutes of the Regular Meeting June 14, 2002
Worcester State College
(Amended September 6, 2002)

Members Present: J. Ambacher, B. Art, N. George, P. Hogan, P. Markunas, P. McGee, F. Minasian, C. J. OíDonnell, G. Price, S. Schlosberg, J. Stonehouse, J. Tetrault, D. Twiss

Guests: D. Sirutis, B. Whalen (MTA Consultants), J. McHale,(MTA Director)

Approval of the Orders of the Day
The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. It was moved and seconded to approve the orders of the day and the minutes of the meetings of April 5 and April 26. The motions passed.

Presidentís Report
It was moved and seconded to approve the schedule of MSCA Board meetings for 2002-03. The motion passed as amended.

It was moved and seconded to approve the following committee appointments: Sandra Faiman-Silva (BRI), Grievance, John Ambacher (FRA) Day Bargaining, and Mark Seiden (FRA), alternate, Day Bargaining. The motion passed.

The president introduced new Board members (P. Hogan, J. Ambacher, M. Seiden, N. George) and discussed the budget crisis, GIC benefits for part timers, the BHE meeting of June 11, changes in the COP, and related matters.

Vice Presidentís Report
The vice president presented a report on recent activities.

Treasurerís Report
The treasurer asked members to submit all 2001-02 vouchers ASAP.

It was moved and seconded to pay the chairs of the Day and DGCE bargaining committees one-half the monthly stipends for months when impact / special purpose bargaining takes place. The motion passed.

It was moved and seconded to pay all employees of the Board one-half their stipend from June to September. The motion failed.

It was moved and seconded that the MSCA pay our $300 share of the annual Higher Education Cocktail Reception at the Williamstown Leadership Conference. The motion failed.

It was moved and seconded that members of the MSCA Board be reimbursed up to $250 to attend the Williamstown Leadership Conference (meals, mileage, hotel). The motion failed.

It was moved and seconded that there be no reimbursements by the MSCA for attendance at Williamstown. The motion passed.

Local Chapter Presidentsí Reports
The chapter presidents reported on activities on their respective campuses.

MSCA Committee Reports :
Bargaining (Day): Impact bargaining will take place at Worcester State College. Bargaining (DGCE):

It was moved and seconded to receive this report. The motion passed.

There are tentative bargaining dates for July and August.

Grievance Committee: Twenty more cases are to be arbitrated. We are awaiting the acceptance of additional arbitrators. Arbitrations are scheduled through the summer.

Salary Database: Missing information from Framingham SC, Mass. Art, MCLA, Westfield and Worcester is needed.

Health and Welfare Trust: Member should be getting the same benefits as under Delta Dental. Report discrepancies to Dave Twiss.

MTA Report: D. Sirutis delivered the MTA report that covered the unit description and the 53rd week payroll issue.

New Business :

It was moved and seconded to invite BHE Chair S. Tocco to the MSCAís September 6 meeting. The motion passed.

The meeting adjourned at 12:40 p.m.