Healthcare for adjuncts update: H4153 favorably reported out to Ways and Means (W&M) committee

We have never been closer to securing healthcare benefits for adjunct members!

With your help, this year we have a good opportunity to win health care for adjuncts at state universities, community colleges and all of the campuses of UMass. Contact your state representative and state senator and tell them that you want them to support H.4153, An Act Investing in public higher education.

H4153 is now before the House W&M committee. We need a positive recommendation form W&M.

Please ask your state representative and senator to express their support for the bill to the chair of the W&M Committee, Representative Jeffery Sanchez, and vice chair, Representative Stephen Kulik, as well as to members of the leadership team of the House and Senate.

You can find contact information online at:

The MTA Action Network link also allows a member to look up phone numbers to call legislators, and you can post your letter to social media.