Faculty and Weekend Work

October 2, 2017

The MSCA is putting out this clarification of our position on faculty attendance at open houses as questions have been raised.

The MSCA contends – as we have for decades – that faculty cannot be required to work on Saturday or Sunday.  Management contends that faculty can be required to work weekends.  This has been an open question for decades, but never tested in arbitration.

This does not apply to department chairs who are administrators while serving in that role.

The MSCA has asked and continues to ask that you not attend open houses on weekends unless you are compensated for it.  Remember, we have been receiving annual salary increases 3% (split in six month intervals) for the last six years, and of 3% annual increases for the many years prior to those.  This year’s increased may be only 1% (split in six month intervals) followed by two years of 2% increases (split in six month intervals).  Requesting compensation for weekend work in the face of salary increases that do not keep pace with the increase in cost of living is in your best interest.

If faculty are ordered to attend open house on a weekend you should attend to avoid a charge of insubordination, but you should also notify your chapter president and the chapter will file a grievance with a remedy requesting a day’s pay for ever member who was required to attend.

Your chapter president will notify me and we will organize an informational picketing event during the open house at that university and bring faculty from other universities to the campus.  As we have seen increased cooperation between K-12 and higher education members, we will see if we can get teachers from the area to attend as well.

CJ O’Donnell
MSCA President