DRL Investigation on Salem State Furloughs

Salem Chapter President Tiffany Chenault, MSCA Director Amy Smith and MSCA President CJ O’Donnell attended the Department of Labor Relations (DLR) investigation the morning of December 18th with MTA Attorney Laurie Houle, and MTA consultants Bret Seferian and Roberta James.  The investigation lasted about 90 minutes.

We do not anticipate a decision from the investigating officer for probably a month or two, however, we were happy with the presentation and the questions the hearing officer posed.

A favorable result would be for the investigating officer to order a “complaint.”  A complaint means that the hearing officer believes there is probable cause to believe that Salem State University violated the law.  At that point a hearing on the case would be held, witnesses would be sworn and testify.

We were happy that the university has decided to hold off on furloughing faculty and librarians for now. We will be in touch if there are additional developments.