Day Bargaining Update

February 15, 2018

The MSCA team reconvened with management on Wednesday February 14 after a contentious session the prior week.  We are cautiously optimistic with the progress made yesterday.

  1. We reached a tentative agreement with the presidents on a parental leave option that will allow access to the sick leave bank for up to 12 weeks, but requires the use of all paid leave and excess workload credits first. The period of personal paid leave will be deducted from the 12 weeks available to use the bank.  The maximum time a member can remain on the bank will remain at two years.
  2. The presidents withdrew their proposal regarding the use of retention/completion rates of courses in faculty evaluations.

We did not have the opportunity to discuss:

  1. Management’s proposed changes to PTR.
  2. Management’s desire to hire academic administrators with tenure.
  3. Management’s proposed increase in the 15% rule.

We have sessions scheduled for March 5 and 12.  There are still some big issues on the table so don’t let up the pressure!  We believe that faculty and librarian solidarity, and solidarity with our APA and AFSCME colleagues on our campuses is having an impact at the table.  Thank you!

Amy Everitt, Chair (Salem)
Maria Hegbloom (Bridgewater)
Jenn Berg (Fitchburg)
Virginia Rutter (Framingham)
Katie Riel (MassArt)
David Eve (MCLA)
Elaine Craghead (Mass Maritime)
Margot Hennessy (Westfield)
Don Bullens (Worcester)