Legislation and Your Legislators

MSCA member Walter Harper (center) and MSCA Vice President Robert Donohue testify on a bill that would provide health insurance and pensions to adjunct faculty.

MSCA Legislative Initiatives:

Tuition Waiver:  Two bills (H2724 and S1733) have been filed that would provide for waiver of 100% of tuition and mandatory fees for full-time and part-time faculty and staff, their spouses and their dependent children attending a Massachusetts public higher education institution. This would greatly enhance the BHE policy that was adopted in 1984, and which now only covers roughly 10% of those costs.

Streamlining Contract Funding:  A number of bills have been filed this legislative session that would improve Chapter 150E, the collective bargaining law in Massachusetts.  Among them are H2724 and S1733.  These bills would, in part, streamline the funding of a settled contract, and prevent the governor from refusing the submit a request for funding a settled contract, as happened with the previous day contract.  The funding request would be submitted directly from our employer to the Legislature rather than being submitted to the governor and hoping the governor submits the funding request.

Additional Pension BenefitACTION NETWORK ALERT!
A bill (H2808) has been filed that would grant to essential workers who continued to report to a worksite outside of their personal residence during the COVID-19 emergency up to three years of age, creditable service, or a combination thereof. This is not an early retirement bill. The extra years would be available to you for the rest of your career.  Faculty and librarians who reported to campus would be included.

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds:  We are undertaking a campaign to educate members about ARPA funds, to collaborate with other unions, and to advocate that a portion of ARPA funds be dedicated to public higher education.

Important Laws:
Freedom to Join Act

Massachusetts Legislation of Interest:
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Federal Legislation of Interest:

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Note:  When sending email to legislators through the MTA Website, members should know that copies will be sent to the MTA Governmental Relations Division as well.