Contact your legislators to help secure benefits for part-time faculty.

On May 29 the MA legislature’s Joint Public Service Committee held a hearing on H 2322 and S 1547.  These bills would, if passed, provide health insurance and retirement benefits to adjunct faculty who work at least 6 credit hour each semester or work at least 12 credit hour each year. A part-time faculty member may meet the credit hour criteria by summing “day” and DGCE teaching, and/or summing teaching across all public higher ed institutions.  Those who teach fewer than the required minima are still left without benefits.

Part-time faculty from the Community College and State University sector provided compelling oral testimony at the hearing.  Three or four members of the committee voiced support for the bills.  Now is the time for all of us to ask our state reps and senators to support these bills.

Please contact your state rep/Senator and ask that they co-sponsor & vote in favor of H 2322 and S 1547.