Action Network Alert – Override Baker’s Vetoes!

Dear Public Higher Education Supporter,

We fought hard during this FY 2021 budget season to get the Legislature to level-fund the public higher education.  Although Governor Baker revised his House 2 budget proposal this fall, the Legislature saw to it to provide an additional $15 million to the system.  We are grateful to the Legislature for standing up for public higher education in Massachusetts.

Last Friday, Governor Baker vetoed this additional $15 million (which only represents 0.03% of the overall $46 billion budget), but which is desperately needed by the community colleges and state universities (there were no vetoes to the UMass funding).

So we are asking for your help again.  Please click on this Action Network link to ask your state representative and state senator to ask the House and Senate leadership to override these $15 million in cuts to public higher education.