2019 MSCA Delegate Assembly

Draft 2019 Delegate Assembly minutes (will be considered by the 2020 MSCA Delegate Assembly in April 2020.

New Business Items Passed at the 2019 Delegate Assembly (wording is in draft format):

#1:  Resolution to Empower the MSCA through Open Bargaining

WHEREAS, Open bargaining empowers unions by allowing for active participation of the full membership in bargaining; and

WHEREAS, Open Bargaining maximizes the collective power of the union in support of contract negotiations;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that when negotiating the terms of a contract, the MSCA bargaining team must maintain open bargaining, as established in the final sessions of negotiating the 2017-20 contract; and

Resolved, That the MSCA bargaining team must not agree to any ground rules which limit the ability of members to be fully informed of all discussions and offers that take place during bargaining, nor to agree to any ground rules that limit member observation of or participation in bargaining sessions; and

Resolved, That the MSCA bargaining team will work within a frame that informs members and allows and encourages observation and, when appropriate participation in bargaining.

#2:  Resolution to Empower Membership Engagement and Involvement in Developing Bargaining Proposals

WHEREAS, the active engagement of the full membership in bargaining maximizes the collective power of the union in support of contract negotiations;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that in addition to the bargaining survey, chapter membership meetings may pass resolutions on areas of the contract of concern to members.  Any chapter resolutions must be submitted by the Chapter President to the Bargaining Committee by the deadline for submission of the bargaining survey; and

Resolved, that the results of the bargaining survey and any chapter resolutions must be distributed to all MSCA members via executive session presentation and be available in chapter offices; and

Resolved, that all proposals of the MSCA bargaining team must be made available to all MSCA members once they have been proposed during a bargaining session and will be posted on the MSCA website within 48 hours of the conclusion of each session; and

Resolved, that so that members may shape the content of bargaining, the sharing of MSCA bargaining team proposals and summaries of bargaining sessions will also include an online form or other mechanism for membership to give feedback to the entire bargaining team.

#4:  Resolution in Support of the Fund Our Future Campaign to Increase Funding for Public Higher Education in Massachusetts

WHEREAS, the MTA campaign to Fund Our Future (FOF) is an opportunity for members to use their collective power to demand and win long overdue funding for our public schools, colleges and universities; and

WHEREAS, the FOF campaign is designed to pass MTA sponsored legislation that will increase funding for public higher education by more than $500 million per year through the implementation of the core findings of the 2014 Higher Education Finance Commission (the Cherish  Act); and

WHEREAS, the Cherish Act bill would, over five years, restore state per-student spending on public higher education to the inflation-adjusted levels achieved in fiscal year 2001; and

WHEREAS, after years of being told that we need to do more with less, the Fund Our Future initiative and the Cherish Act represent an important opportunity to restore the necessary funding to provide students with the education they deserve, support our contracts and to make college more accessible so that we can serve our mission as state universities; and

WHEREAS, this opportunity can only be realized with the full and activation of MSCA members acting in coalition with students and the community; and

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the MSCA endorses the Fund Our Future campaign and encourages full membership participation; and

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the MSCA will encourage full membership participation in the following ways:

First, in collaboration with the MTA and PHENOM, the MSCA Board of Directors will work with local chapters to coordinate buses from all campuses so that faculty from every campus can attend the Fund Our Future Rally at the Statehouse in Boston on May 16.

Second, the MSCA Board of Directors will work with local chapters to assure that all members are informed about the ongoing campaign and opportunities to participate in future campaign events.

Third, the MSCA Board of Directors will work with MTA field staff and MTA organizers to ensure that all members receive regular updates about pending actions and updates on the legislation through the end of the legislative session.

The Delegate Assembly is the policy-making authority of the MSCA.  Its policies, programs and resolutions are implemented by the Board of Directors and the Officers.  The fiscal affairs of the MSCA are conducted according to a budget approved by the Delegate Assembly, provided that the Board of Directors has the authority to transfer line items.

The Delegate Assembly meets annual at the end of April or the beginning of May.  This year’s Assembly will be held on Friday, April 26th at Fitchburg State University (click for directions).

The number of delegates is determined by dividing the number of full-time equivalent faculty and librarians on February 15th by fifteen.  The number of delegates to the 2019 Delegate Assembly is as follows:

Bridgewater – 33
Fitchburg – 17
Framingham – 14
MassArt – 10
MCLA – 7
Mass Maritime – 6
Salem – 30
Westfield – 19
Worcester – 17

Delegates are elected by each chapter via a written, secret ballot.  If you are interested in running being a candidate for your chapter contact your chapter president.  Election results should be forwarded to the MSCA President’s office by 5:00 p.m. on April 5th.  (This will aid the MSCA President’s Executive Assistant with notices and printing.  The deadline in accordance with the MSCA Constitutional is 5:00 p.m. April 12, 2019.)

Election Notice

Delegate documents:

Standing Rules

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Draft Minutes – 2018 Delegate Assembly

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