2018 MSCA Officers Election

April 10, 2018:

Below is general ballot-count information for the 2018 MSCA Officer Election.  Details (including write-in vote information and comments submitted via the DirectVote survey) can be viewed in the Survey & Ballot Systems election report below.

Christopher J. O’Donnell – 316
Write-in – 29
Unexercised:  22
Invalid:  1
Total Ballots Cast:  368

Vice President
Robert L. Donohue – 312
Write-in – 29
Unexercised:  26
Invalid: 1
Total Ballots Cast:  368

Mark L. Love – 309
Write-in – 23
Unexercised:  35
Invalid:  1
Total Ballots Cast:  368

Nancy George – 324
Write-in – 21
Unexercised:  23
Invalid:  0
Total Ballots Cast:  368

Survey & Ballot Systems Reports

November 1, 2017 opens the 2018 MSCA Officer Election.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Massachusetts State College Association (MSCA), November 1st is the earliest date on which MSCA members in good standing may request nomination papers from the MSCA Nomination and Election Supervisor. The Supervisor is the Chair of the MSCA Elections Committee. This year, the Supervisor is Sarah Mabrouk, Professor of Mathematics at Framingham State University.

Sarah can be contacted at: elections@mscaunion.org

2018 Election CalendarRevised by the MSCA Board of Directors on February 2, 2018

2018 Election Rules

Candidate Statements – Listed by Office with his/her picture and statement regarding experience and goals

Requesting Nomination Papers:
Per Article IV(2a) of the MSCA Constitution, “an eligible member shall be required to obtain nomination papers by requesting by certified mail to the MSCA Nominations & Elections Supervisor stating the Office to be sought.”

Requests for nomination papers should include (i) the email address to which the file containing nomination papers should be sent, (ii) the name of the candidate as it should appear on the ballot, and (iii) the MSCA Chapter for which the candidate is a member.

Submitting Nomination Papers:
Per the Spring 2018 MSCA Election Calendar approved by the MSCA Board of Directors on October 6, 2017, candidates must file nomination papers by January 19, 2018 so that they are “received by 5:00 PM on this date, regardless of postmark, and should be sent via Certified Mail”; per Article IV(2b) in the MSCA Constitution, “in order to be certified as a candidate for Office, an eligible member shall be required to obtain at least forty signatures of members in good standing”, no more than fifteen of which may be from a single Chapter.

Mailing Address:
The address to which requests for nomination paper must be sent and at which nomination papers must be received by 5:00 PM on January 19, 2018 is provide below.

Sarah Mabrouk
MSCA Nominations & Elections Supervisor
PO Box 854
Framingham, MA 01701-0854

Information about the Spring 2016 MSCA Officer Election can be accessed on the 2016 MSCA Officer Election page.