2016 MTA Annual Meeting

This year’s MTA Annual Meeting was held Friday and Saturday, May 13-14 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

A summary of activities:

Election results:

MTA President:
Barbara Madeloni – 805 (re-elected for two years)
Sullivan – 291
Anderson – 479

MTA Vice President:
Initial vote:
Erik Champy – 613
Mike Shannon – 249
Merrie Najimy – 703

(Since no candidate received more than 50% of the vote there was a run-off election between Erik Champy and Merrie Najimy.)

Run-off vote:
Erik Champy – 629 (elected for two years)
Merrie Najimy – 595


The two candidates for MTA Region H Executive Committee are:

Candace Shivers – 113
Dan Clawson- 141 (elected for three years)


The MSCA has been allocated 55 seats based on our membership numbers.  In accordance with procedure established by MTA, the chapter allocations are as follow:

Bridgewater – 12
Fitchburg – 6
Framingham – 6
MassArt – 4
MCLA – 2
Mass Maritime – 2
Salem – 10
Westfield – 7
Worcester – 6

The MSCA Board of Directors has approved election procedures for the election of MSCA delegates and alternates that comply with the MTA rules.

The MSCA will reimburse members who attend the meeting for mileage (at the IRS rate), tolls, parking, and a hotel room for the evening of Friday, May 13th (for up to $239.20 plus taxes).  Meals are not reimbursable, but a $100 stipend check will be provided for members attending the Friday business session, and an additional $100 stipend check will be provided for members attending the Saturday business session.

Delegates are responsible for making and paying for their own hotel reservations.  The Boston Sheraton is the convention hotel and is attached to the Hynes Convention Center.

You are not required to stay at the Sheraton, but again, the MSCA will not reimburse more than the Sheraton rate.

Further information about the Annual Meeting is posted on the MTA website, including the tentative business session agenda.

Delegates and alternates we strongly encourage you attend a regional pre-convention: meeting to learn about issues that will be discussed and voted on at the meeting.

There are seven by-law changes being proposed.