2016 MSCA Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly is the policy-making authority of the MSCA.  Its policies, programs and resolutions are implemented by the Board of Directors and the Officers.  The fiscal affairs of the MSCA are conducted according to a budget approved by the Delegate Assembly, provided that the Board of Directors has the authority to transfer line items.

The Delegate Assembly meets annual at the end of April or the beginning of May.  This year’s Assembly will be held on Saturday, April 30th at Fitchburg State University (click for directions).

The number of delegates is determined by dividing the number of full-time equivalent faculty and librarians on February 15th by fifteen.  The number of delegates to the 2016 Delegate Assembly is as follows:

Bridgewater – 32
Fitchburg – 16
Framingham – 16
MassArt – 10
MCLA – 6
Mass Maritime – 5
Salem – 30
Westfield – 19
Worcester – 17

Delegates are elected by each chapter via a secret ballot.  If you are interested in running being a candidate for your chapter contact your chapter president.  Election results must be forwarded to the MSCA President’s office by 5:00 p.m. on April 8th.

Tentative Agenda

Standing Rules

MSCA Constitution

This year there is one constitutional amendment being proposed.  The change would allow the Delegate Assembly to be scheduled on a Friday or Saturday, rather than requiring the meeting to be held on a Saturday (addition is in boldface).

  1. Article V, Section 2. Meetings.

“The Delegate Assembly shall hold an Annual Meeting on a day determined by the Board of Directors, which day shall be either the last Friday or Saturday in April or the first Friday or Saturday in May.  At least fourteen days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly, each Chapter shall submit to the President a list of its Delegates and designated alternates.  At least seven days prior to the annual meeting of the Delegate Assembly, the President shall report the names of Chapter Delegates and designated alternates to the Credentials Committee.

“Special meetings of the Assembly may be called by the Board of Directors, by the Assembly itself, by petition of one-tenth the membership of each Chapter, by petition of one-half the membership of any two Chapters, or by a Petition of Recall presented under the provisions of Article IV, Section 4.”