Westfield State University Announcements


April 25, 2017

The results are in! After three consecutive days of polling, over one hundred MSCA voters, and a few hours of counting ballots, we now know who will be representing the Westfield chapter of the MSCA on governance and evaluation committees!

Please refer to the tables below for committee members. Bolded names have secured seats. Please note that currently there is a tie for the fifth seat of curriculum committee. We will be recounting ballots tomorrow (April 26th).


Academic Policies Committee nominees Home department Votes in favor
Samuel Ndegeah GARP 41
Kim Sherman Economics 39
Eric Bressler Psychology 58
Brian Conz GARP 64
David Christensen Biology 48
Janet Gebelt Psychology 55
Randi Darling Biology 35
Susanne Chuku Economics 67
Leo Andrade Psychology 40
Dristi Neog GARP 36
Mara Dodge History 64
Frank Giuliano Chem. and Phys. Sciences 84
Stephanie Grimaldi Education 52
Dan Price Criminal Justice 45
Lori Vaughan Occupational Therapy 30
Ziblim Abukari Social Work 44
Goopeel Chung CIS 37
Mark Horwitz Social Work 46
Buzz Hoagland Biology 1
Kim Tobin Criminal Justice 1
All University Committee nominees Home department Votes in favor
Nigel Dobreiner Communications 37
Lynn Shelley Psychology 74
Susanne Chuku Economics 75
Jen DiGrazia English 64
Brian Hubbard Library 43
Kristen Porter Biology 48
Enrique Morales-Diaz World Lang. and Cultures 60
Rebecca Morris Economics 34
Maria Carranza Chem. and Phys. Sciences 22
Karsten Theis Chem. and Phys. Sciences 61
Megan Kennedy Education 55
Curriculum Committee nominees Home department Votes in favor
Miriam Tager Education 46
David Doe Biology 50
Adeyinka Banwo History 53
Jesse Johnson Mathematics 38
Elizabeth Starr English 62
Christine Irujo Economics 46
Becca Brody Library 47
Mark Nimkoff Communications 39
Tim LeDoux GARP 39
Holly Noun Movement Science 61
Brian Hubbard Library 42
Brian Jennings Mathematics 66
Volker Ecke Mathematicss 59
Tarin Weiss Chem. and Phys. Sciences 57
Emily Todd English 71
Heather Brown Political Science 32
Chris Gullen Communications 48
Graduate Education Council nominees Home department Votes in favor
Jorge Reyes Psychology 71
Charles Ed Hill Library 56
Jane Mildred Social Work 67
Jennifer Hixon Health Sciences 55
Katherine Walsh Social Work 56
Holly Noun Movement Science 70
Leo Andrade Psychology 59
Chris Kudlac Criminal Justice 67
John Jones Criminal Justice 2
Student Affairs Committee nominees Home department Votes in favor
Audrelee Dallam Murphy Criminal Justice 21
Nora Padykula Social Work 31
Rebecca Burwell Psychology 45
Paige Hermansen English 42
Carsten Braun GARP 60
Jason Sawyer Movement Science 16
Charles Ed Hill Library 16
T. Alex Daniel Psychology 21
Summer Williams Psychology 31
Oliver Zeff Library 55
Yuan Zhang Communications 29
Promotions Home department Votes in favor
Mark Abate History 73
Eric Bressler Psychology 67
Supriyah Sarnikar Economics 71
Sophia Sarigianides English 76
Karl Leiker GIS 1
J. Wright Mathematics 1
Tenure Committee nominees Home department Votes in favor
Nora Padykula Social Work 71
James Martin-Rehrman Education 77
Warren Turner Chem. and Phys. Sciences 67
J. Wright Mathematics 10

April 11, 2017

Folks, due to a scheduling conflict, the time of the chapter meeting tomorrow, April 12, 2017, must be switched to 2:30-3:30 pm. It will still be held in the Parenzo Chapter Office 010.


April 6, 2017

Anyone interested in serving on standing committees for the 2017-2018 academic year should respond by self-nomination to Moderator John Dempsey’s e-mail, Election Nominations & Self Nominations, originally sent on April 6th. Refer below to a list of committees and the number of vacancies.

Committees (one year terms) vacancies
Academic Policies 16
All University Committee 8
Curriculum Committee 16
Graduate Education Council 5
Student Affairs 5
Committees (two year terms) vacancies
Promotions 4
Tenure 2

We will also hold our Chapter Election for Executive Council Offices on April 18 & 19. If you wish to run for a Chapter Office you must gather ten signatures of Westfield MSCA members for nomination. Please refer to Moderator John Dempsey’s e-mail for the attached Petition/Nomination Form. This form must be returned to John with ten signatures by Monday, April 17, 2017. The term for all officers, except the President, Treasurer, and Director, is one year. Below are the vacancies:

Vice President
General Secretary
Recording Secretary

March 31, 2017

Moderator John Dempsey is convening a chapter meeting for Wednesday April 12th from 3-4 pm in the chapter office in Parenzo basement 010. An agenda will be forthcoming. All unit members are invited to attend.

With spring also comes our election season. Chapter elections are currently scheduled for Tuesday April 18th and Wednesday April 19th. Be on the lookout for an e-mail from John Dempsey calling for nominations and a sample ballot.