Messages to the Membership-Pres. Pat Markunas: MSCA

February 2, 2006

Dear MSCA Part-time Faculty Members:

I am pleased to report that all eligible part-time faculty who were members of the MSCA day bargaining unit during the spring semester of 2005 will receive a correction in the retroactive payment that they received for teaching that semester.

The January 27th pay advice included only $35/credit retroactive for spring 2005. The correct amount, agreed to by the parties, was $50/credit. The $15/credit balance owed will be paid as soon as possible.

Thanks go to our MTA day unit consultant, Donna Sirutis, who spent Friday evening searching her bargaining notes to document the agreed-upon retroactive payment for part-time faculty members. We are all very lucky to have such a diligent and committed consultant.

Patricia V. Markunas,
MSCA President

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