MSCA Committees

Membership on MSCA Committees is open to all MSCA union members – full-time, part-time and DGCE who are in good standing (annual dues paid in full or on payroll deduction).  The term of office is for two years and begins in October of even-numbered years, although vacancies can occur during the term.  The charge of union committees can be found in the MSCA Constitution and below.

If you have questions about union committees you can contact the MSCA President’s Office or your local chapter office.

If you are interested in service on an MSCA Committee, please contact your local chapter president in order to be nominated.

Current committee composition (terms expire on September 30, 2020).

2019 MSCA Voucher (revised January 1, 2019)

Please contact committee members through local chapter addresses.

From the MSCA Constitution (Article VII):

Section 2.  Appointments of Members Representing Chapters
Chapter members of Standing Committees of the MSCA shall be appointed by confirmation of the Board after first being nominated by the MSCA President.  Said nomination(s) shall be made upon the recommendation of the Chapter President.

Section 3.  Bargaining Committees
The Bargaining Committees shall be responsible for preparing bargaining proposals and for negotiating collective bargaining agreements on behalf of the MSCA.  The Bargaining Committees shall submit Bargaining Proposals for approval by the Board before entering into negotiations.  The Bargaining Committees shall bring any tentative collective bargaining agreements to the Board of Directors for its recommendation.  The Board shall submit such agreements with its recommendation to the MSCA members of the appropriate unit for their approval or disapproval, unless otherwise specified by law.

Section 4.  Grievance Committee.  The Grievance Committee shall be responsible for processing grievances according to the terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreements and shall act on grievances upon appeal from any Chapter.

Section 5.  Legislation Committee
The Legislation Committee shall serve as a reservoir and source of information on national and state legislation affecting public higher education and shall recommend appropriate action.  It shall endeavor to seek legislation of benefit to the State Universities of the Commonwealth.

Section 6.   The Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Diversity Committee
The Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Diversity (AA/EO/DIV) Committee shall serve as a liaison between, and a resource for, campus AA/EO/DIV committees.  It shall disseminate affirmative action, equal opportunity and diversity information to all members; organize statewide workshops/conferences under the direction of the MSCA; and monitor campus AA/EO/DIV practices.  The Committee will monitor compliance with the current “Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Diversity Plan of the State Universities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” or its successor.  In addition, it shall serve as a resource to the Bargaining Committees to aid them in insuring that the collective bargaining agreements are in concert with affirmative action, equal opportunity and diversity guidelines.

Section 7.  Elections Committee
The Elections Committee shall conduct and certify nominations and elections of Officers under the provisions of Article IV, Section 2.  The title of the chairperson of the Elections Committee shall be Nominations and Elections Supervisor.  The Elections Committee shall propose Elections Rules for Members and an Elections Calendar for the Board’s adoption no later than the first Friday of December in odd-numbered years.

Section 8.  Credentials Committee
The Credentials Committee shall prepare, for recommendations to the Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly, a list of persons entitled to vote therein in accordance with Article V, Section 1 and Section 2.

Section 9.  Librarians Committee
The Librarians Committee shall discuss and monitor issues specifically pertaining to the state university libraries and librarians.  Working within the structure of the MSCA, the Librarians Committee shall seek to find resolutions to librarians’ workplace challenges and advance issues affecting librarians and state university libraries to other members of the MSCA.