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January 24, 2005

Dear MSCA Part-Time Faculty:

I am pleased to report that SB1535, a bill to provide health insurance benefits to certain part-time faculty, has been released from the Joint Committee on Public Service with a favorable recommendation. The bill has been referred to the Health Care Financing Committee and is one step closer to our goal of seeing it enacted into law before the legislature goes into informal sessions in July, 2006.

Members who support this bill should take the time to thank Public Service Committee Co-chair Patricia Jehlen (D-Somerville) and her colleagues on this Committee for their support of this important bill. This is the first time this bill has been favorably recommended and this is a positive sign.

MSCA leadership is working closely with MCCC leadership on lobbying efforts for this legislation. In the coming weeks, your help and that of full-time faculty and librarians will be needed. If you are interested in more extensive involvement in our lobbying campaign on this issue, please contact me directly at or 978-542-7282.

Thanks again to the part-time faculty at the state colleges who testified on this bill and who organized letter-writing campaigns and email communications. You should be proud of your efforts to date.

Patricia V. Markunas,
MSCA President

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