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January 19, 2006

Dear MSCA Faculty and Librarians:

As reported earlier this week, the first two sets of pay increases, plus the retroactive moneys due as a result, will be included in the January 27th pay advice. An Excel spreadsheet that will enable you to calculate your retroactive payments for these first two sets of pay increases has been posted on the MSCA website. Please review the instructions that are attached and follow them carefully in order to complete the spreadsheet correctly.

Faculty and librarians who were promoted effective September 1, 2005 may require some further adjustment in salary beyond what is indicated on the website spreadsheet. Minimum salary adjustments effective on September 30, 2005 (these affect only a small number of members), plus the retroactive payment for these, will be included in a later pay advice, probably February 10, 2006.

Chairs and part-time faculty who are owed retroactive payments for the spring 2005 and/or the fall 2005 semesters should check with the local payroll office in order to determine if these payments will be included in this pay advice. Our understanding is that these payments will be included with the January 27th pay advice at most, if not all, campuses.

Our appreciation goes to Paul McGee (Salem/MSCA) and CJ O'Donnell (Mass Maritime/MSCA), who developed the spreadsheets and retroactive calculations, as well as to Nancy George, the MSCA webmaster, who has kept the website up-to-date on this and all other issues affecting faculty and librarians at the state colleges. Thanks, too, go to our colleagues in APA who were responsible for the calculation and implementation of these complex pay increases for our membership.

Patricia V. Markunas,
MSCA President

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