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Benefits of Union Membership

Under the contract you have a choice of joining the Massachusetts State College Association (the union) or paying an agency service fee, which covers the costs of collective bargaining and contract enforcement rights for all members. Benefits of joining the union fall into three general categories: governance rights, legal services, and group discount purchasing power.

I. Governance rights:
If you join the MSCA, you are entitled to vote in all union elections and to run for union office in all four of the union affiliates you join together: the National Education Association, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the Massachusetts State College Association, and your local campus MSCA chapter.

II. Legal Services:
If you join the MSCA, you will be entitled to free legal services for the following legal problems:

MTA/NEA members are covered by an insurance policy that provides $1,000,000 in coverage to protect you if you are sued in connection with your employment under the terms specified in the Educators Employment Liability Policy. Agency fee payers are not covered by this insurance policy.

MTA/NEA members who are charged with crimes alleged during the course of their employment are entitled to assistance from MTA in defraying their defense legal costs. Members who are acquitted of such criminal charges will be reimbursed for up to $35,000 in criminal defense fees. Agency fee payers receive no MTA assistance when facing criminal charges related to employment.

For non-employment legal problems (real estate, divorce, wills, motor vehicle violations, etc.), MTA provides union members access to reduced-fee legal services. Under the MTA Attorney Referral Program, members are provided with up to three free half-hour consultations and up to a 30% fee reduction in legal fees. Agency fee payers may not participate in this Program.

III. MTA members benefit from group discount purchasing of life, car and long-term care insurance, hotel and car rentals, mortgage refinancing, tax preparation, home heating oil programs, credit cards, vision care, and discounts for arts, entertainment, parks and recreation. A union member who took full advantage of all of these programs would save over $2,300 a year. Agency fee payers are not eligible for any of these programs, offered through MTA Educators Benefits.


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